Zero discipline, zero focus or zero plan is simply surviving. No decisions are being made. No progress toward goals, no goals or plan set.  Boredom and complacency set in as excitement disappears. It could feel like rock bottom or like living a life without purpose.

Starting from zero give up is a decision to become a better you. Deciding to make changes and elevate yourself and start thriving. Add a plan, develop discipline. It starts with you. 

You have to decide but you do not have to do it alone. Let’s connect and inspire others. 

Doug zerogiveup


Become a better me by focusing on changes required to achieve the wealth, health and happiness I can create.


A life filled with joy and happiness with family and community.  Abundance and wealth for generations. Health and habits that inspire.


This is me at zero give up. Surviving, obviously well if you notice the belly under the big clothes. My physical appearance tells you I am just surviving. 

This is my starting point. What is yours? I had taken a personal assessment test just after this picture. The test was very accurate and eye opening.

We all start somewhere and usually it is after an eye opening experience. We all have the potential however it is up to us to take action and make ourselves ready to thrive.

Finding yourself with zero motivation, zero focus, zero self discipline, zero plan? As long as you have zero give up, you can develop everything else.

Zero Give Up is a mantra you can recite in your head as you push through challenges, is a place to find tips, inspiration, tools and ideas.

Zero Give Up is a decision, a skill, a mindset, and a movement. Starting with the focus on yourself in becoming a better you.

Starting with zero give up;

Zero discipline
Zero motivation
Zero inspiration
Zero focus
Zero plan

Elevate yourself to;

Living a life of purpose
Owning Freedom of expression
Inspiring actions
Achieving your goals
Be the best you